If you have an in-car GPS, enter "232 San Pablo Road, Sandoval (or try "Cuba"), NM." Please note, however, the directions here, since all the GPS units we have tried send you way off up the mountain and onto dirt roads that are non-existent or you really don't want to be on. If your GPS does not put you on County Road 11 from Cuba...DO NOT follow the GPS directions from Cuba!

If your GPS will let you enter coordinates:

County Rd 11 & San Pablo Rd: 35°57'6.79"N, 106°56'52.93"W.

Suenos Encantados B&B: 35°56'42.97"N, 106°54'41.78"W.

As you enter Cuba from the south (at the very south end of town), turn right at the intersection with Highway 197. You will be on County Road 11. If you pass the Cuban Cafe and the Cuban Motel, you have gone too far.

Go 4.4 miles on CR 11 and turn left onto San Pablo Road, a dirt road. There is a Suenos Encantado sign there.

Approximately another 2.4 miles will have you arriving at the main house.

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